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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Loïc is already one month old... Happy Monthaversary!!! He is almost a grown up now with his 54 cm height. He is doing more crying now, but he also smiles a lot, and fills our hearts with happiness. His umbilical cord fell and... we've got an innie! Now we can give him real baths. We've had plenty of visitors coming by, including Renata's family and Nathania & Rick. Loïc met Xylia, it was his first time with a girl only 6 times his age. At home Loïc is starting to play with his toys when he is not playing his favorite game: "Pick-a-Boob". When the weather is nice we bring him out for strolls in the park. Everyone is completely "gaga" around Loïc (including total strangers). To see photos of his first month, click on the link below:


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