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These are Just Some of Their Favorite Things.
(Yes, you can read this on the "Sound of Music" if you like)


She says:

I love...

Crème brulee
His aftershave
Surprising him with my culinary creations
His generosity
Bed early... lights off late
Not working on Monday mornings
His silly sense of humor
The way he smiles at me in bed when he wakes up late


He says:

I love...

Tarte Tatin
Short haircuts
Running in the Golden Gate Park
When she cuddles in my arms
Her delicious cooking
Her kindness
Her smile
Working from home
Her creativity and sense of humor
The kiss she gives me every morning before she leaves to work

He loves...

Camper shoes and T-shirts
Fresh bread
His computer
Waking up late
Playing music with his friends
Breakfast on our deck
Huge bowls of [strong] coffee
Making fun of me !
Taking all the space in bed


She loves...

When I scratch her back
Fresh flowers
Her cell phone
Salad dressing on the side
Loooong hot showers
Wrapping birthday gifts
A tall non-fat white mocha with whip
Making shoe exhibits in the living room
Old sheppard-like button sweaters
Taking all the space in bed

I introduced him to:
Scuba Diving
Now he loves that too!


I introduced her to:
Great french cheese and wine.
Now she loves that too!

We love...

A good laugh
Hot tubs
Taking pictures
Watching movies
The color orange
Our home in San Francisco
(especially the couch, the deck and the view!)
Dancing in unexpected places
Our friends and families
Each Other!!!